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The Plumber's Wife

Announcing the Launch of Our New eBook Series: "The Plumber's Wife"

Inspired by the iconic American Standard plumbing poster, "The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation," we are thrilled to introduce "The Plumber's Wife"—an engaging series of resource guides. This collection is not just a narrative about plumbing; it's a metaphorical journey into maintaining our internal 'pipelines' which is a mission of "Making our Arteries Great Again."

"The Plumber's Wife" series of digital resource guides offers fresh insights by drawing parallels between the essential upkeep of household plumbing and our body's circulatory system, both of which require regular preventative maintenance and timely repairs.

Compiled after years of meticulous research, labs, scans, and trial and error, these guides include the information on how we achieved proven results in efforts to rejuvenate and restore. Topics include how The Plumber's Wife reversed health challenges and lost 35 pounds and gained lean muscle, normalized blood sugar, eliminated chronic inflammation, normalized blood pressure, and more.

This is not medical advice, but a documentary of the quest of The Plumber's Wife that includes information you can research and discuss with your own "medical dream team" if you choose.

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