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For over 30 years, Finn Plumbing Inc. has been a trusted leading plumbing company in San Luis Obispo County. As an industry leader, promoting water and energy savings, are not only an important part of the equation, but they are increasingly becoming a necessity.

Our Team:

Noel, our journeyman-level plumber, is an accredited GREEN PLUMBER who grew up in the plumbing industry with his Dad and Uncle both owning plumbing businesses. With Hawaiian roots, you will often find him at the Morro Bay Rock surfing. He brings Aloha to his days of work and play.

Ash, the owner's son, is a "next-generation water professional" who graduated from UC Berkeley Engineering and is a Water Resource Engineer consulting with us on topics such as Environmental/Civil Engineering, including systems of water conservation, water capture, organic farming, permaculture, and ways to keep land, water, and air healthy. He is often at Morro Bay Rock surfing and frequently travels as he works remotely. A farmer and foodie at heart, Ash has spent time on farms in Seattle WA, and Nor Cal including working at Alemany Farm in San Francisco.

Nanette is our office manager and head of admin, marketing, accounting, training, and R&D.

We are proud to be part of the forward-thinking solutions to help meet the water and energy needs in our community. Visit our website frequently to get updated tips on how you can make a difference in saving energy and water, which often translates into lower water and energy bills.

As industry product testers and influencers, we keep informed of innovations, and put products to the test before bringing them to market.

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Dynamic and innovative, we are a different kind of plumbing company, that guarantees a journeyman-level experience on every job with our unchanging foundation built on "old school quality."

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Discover the reason we get fan mail like this one: "I went to Facebook to ask which plumber I should call. Three different people told me to call Finn Plumbing, so I did!"

New Times Best of Award Winner

K.R. from San Luis Obispo

"Finn Plumbing is our go-to plumbing service for our six properties in SLO. They do high-quality work and are super friendly. When we need someone we know they will be there for us. Whether it is a small job or a big one we get results for a fair price."

From J.P. in San Luis Obispo - Another 5-star Review:

"Noel is a really nice guy. He's unlike most businesses that just want to earn money, he actually cares about his customers and tries his best to make things work. It's also amazing how he can do everything with one arm."

K.B. from San Luis Obispo

"I have been using Finn Plumbing for a few years now, he was referred to me by Brooks Woodcraft, and I have been so happy with his service! Plumbing problems are such trouble and such an inconvenience. When I call he gets out fast to fix my problem. In a hair salon, we have Lots of Hair! and boy does it cause a problem with the drains, now Noel comes out 2 times a year as preventative maintenance, and we have had no more problems-I would highly recommend him, very professional and friendly service!"

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805-544-5325 or 805-528-4693