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Comfort, style, function, and efficiency are all key factors that I look for  when I'm on the job. Saving water and energy are not only an important part of the equation, but are increasingly becoming a necessity.
For over a decade, Finn Plumbing Inc. has promoted water and energy savings. I have taken this committment to a new level by becoming an accredited GREEN PLUMBER.
I am proud to be part of the forward thinking solutions to help meet the water and energy needs in our community. Visit our website often to get updated tips on how you can make a difference in saving water and energy and translate this into saving money on your water and energy bills. 
                                              -Owner, Noel Finn

With over 2 decades experience, Finn Plumbing Inc. is committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality work.

"Old school quality" refers to a time when craftsman and tradespeople cared about their work, did it right the first time, and built it to last. The foundation of Finn Plumbing Inc. is our guarantee of "old school quality" on every job we complete.


S P E C I A L I Z E S    I N: 

saving water and energy

water heaters 

all service and repair 

re-pipes / re-models

new construction

License # 725487


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